Inglourious Basterds set by CarolynViolet

Final image from my set building university project. EVERYTHING in this scene was built, lit and shot by myself and my set building team. 

This shot is based on this scene from the Quentin Tarantino film Inglourious Basterds. We wanted to capture the emotion of the orignal scene and recreate the narrative.

The backdrop was painted on a 4m x 4m canvas, window/glass/frame built from scratch as well as the wall. The wallpaper was handprinted and furniture was custom made by a designer. The measurments of the model were taken a week before shooting and the dress custom made for her. 

This project took a month of planning, 3 days to build, 2 days to light and shoot and 1 day to demolish.

The total cost of the entire scene was £350.

Model is Mikki Henderson. 
Shot on a Hasselblad H1.


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